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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Beast Of Faudiere -The Investigation Continues

Frederic Remington "Moonlight Wolf", C. 1909

It is a very brief item.  Almost unnoticeable if you scan through faded print too quickly:

 “A Letter from Nantes, dated July 19, says,

                    “Yesterday evening about eight o’clock, a wild
                    beast devoured two girls,one about twelve, and
                    the other seven years of age, the daughters of a
                    farmer in the Commune of Chevroliere.  The
                    animal immediately after took shelter in the fo-
                    rest of Faudiere.  It appeared to be larger than
                    a wolf, had a snout about a foot long, and a very
                    formidable set of teeth.”

The account has no thrills or high drama.  Everything is stated precisely.  I have heard the line "ill educated French peasants" used too many times to explain such incidents away.  Peasant or of "higher standing" -all knew what a wolf looked like and the assumption here is that we are only reading about a small part of the incident. The locals knew where the animal had taken shelter and had quite obviously seen it -they were able to state that it was bigger than a wolf and that it had a long snout with a "formidable set of teeth" -indicating that someone got close enough.

What is bigger than a wolf with a long snout and took the time to kill and (partially?) devour two young girls?  Believe me, I would like to say a starving or, maybe, rabies infected wolf.  I covered the history of French wolf accounts in The Red Paper (I) Canids. Again and again there are accounts of people being very familiar with wolves so to say a French person at this time would see a wolf and not be able to identify it is like saying someone sees a fox and is dumb-founded.

Having proven beyond any real doubt just what The Beast of Gevaudan and the Girt Dog of Ennerdale (read Some Things Strange And Sinister) had been, I tried long and hard to identify or even get additional information on a French case of 1800.  If any existing or would-be investigator of the mysterious  could come up with more than a non-French speaking / reading English idiot (me) could then I would give a big cheer.

I have now continuously searched the internet since 2008, originally once a week and then once a month but all I came up with was my account of what happened.  I have scoured as many of the newspaper titles as I can from the United Kingdom at that time.  However, in the early days news was received in letter form from Englishmen or travellers abroad –everything from food shortages, crime and much more.    

It may well be that some other newspaper also published a piece on this but it is more than likely only one did!

However, things to consider: the news of the attack had reached Nantes and was obviously reported on if a correspondent considered it newsworthy enough to go through the rigmarole of sending a letter from France to inform the Caledonian Mercury about it.  One assumes (hopes) that there is some archival record in Chevroliere or, if not, then, hopefully in Nantes?

We even have the date of the attack -18th July, 1830.  So one assumes that anything in print appeared after the 18th, including news of any possible hunts or the burial of the victims.

This is where French researchers who know the newspaper / local record system can help. 

So, if not a wolf, just what was The Beast Of Faudiere?



1.      The Caledonian Mercury,2nd August,1800
2.       Some More Things Strange & Sinister

Monday, 20 November 2017


I began working on this one a while ago and below is the preliminary cover (or the actual cover if I cannot persuade a certain Mr. Dilworth to come up with something.

There will be up-dated chapters that look at cases dealt with before in the previous books but solutions will be offered based on quite a few years intense research.

Newer material will look at a mystery British wolf, the British Bigfoot subject as well as the Hull Werewolf. If anyone has anything to add to this or photographic evidence then I am quite willing to look at it and offer an unbiased opinion.  If you are genuine and can offer any evidence or even sighting reports get in touch

If you believe that you have seen and/or photographed anything unusual then, obviously, get in touch. I am quite interested in finding out whether people are still seeing unusual lake or -particularly- sea "monsters" -have they really died out?

I know that I have asked repeatedly since this blog "officially" started in 2011 and the lack of any response never fails to impress!  Look at how many people have viewed the AOP blog (or Face Book page) and today is typical:

United States           1020
Ukraine                    78
United Kingdom       35
France                      18
China                        9
India                         9
Spain                        8
Netherlands              8
Germany                   6
Brazil                       4

There must be sightings or incidents that you are aware of that you can send me a link to or information on?  I would like to spend more time posting here but there is only so much one man can do alone. You see or hear anything let me know!

This new book should be out around May, 2018 and I'll up-date as I go along.


Rats In London Are Getting Bigger

Strange Aliens in Jardinopolis, Brazil (2008)

Location. Jardinopolis, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Date: December 27 2008
Time: 2100

Two local youngsters, Denilson and Rafael were playing in the Sebastian’s Chapel Square when they were surprised to see bright lights moving overhead heading towards a field close to the square. The lights seemed to be rotating around an ellipse form, and were red and blue in color; they suddenly descended and disappeared from sight.

Feeling somewhat frightened the two friends ran to a nearby house where they told their two other friends, Carlos and Cristiano. The boys knew that it hadn’t been an airplane since there wasn’t any noise and the lights seemed to have performed a vertical descent into the field. The now four witnesses approached the field and could now see the lights on the grounds alternating colors from red to blue.

Three of the boys were afraid to approach the field by Cristiano drove his scooter closer and illuminated the area with its headlights, as he did this, Carlos, Denilson and Rafael followed closely behind him. The boys could now see that the lights were suspended in mid-air in a diagonal position and under the lights they could see three or more “crouching” creatures on the field. The creatures were crouching in a horseshoe or U-formation and appear to be “communicating” with each other.

The boys were extremely frightened, since they had never seen anything like that before. The boys were convinced that the creatures were not animals, since their behavior was totally different from that of typical farm animals that abounded in the area. The boys explained that the creatures were well-defined but when they changed their viewing angle they were able to see four and up to five creatures, giving some the creatures the appearance of being “invisible” and only becoming visible when the struck by the light rain that was falling at the time.

When Cristiano shone his scooter headlight directly on the creatures they disappeared. They could only see the creatures when it was dark. In the darkness they still see the contours of their bodies. The boys estimated the creatures to have been about 1.20 meters in height, with large black oval-shaped eyes, lacking noses or ears, they had a round mouth and their color was dark gray. They had hands with fingers but were unable to count how many fingers on each hand. All four youths gave identical description of the creatures.

They observed the creatures for approximately forty minutes and during the time the boys noticed that the creatures appeared to be communicating among themselves. Suddenly they saw a red “laser point” on Carlos’s shirt, Rafael pointed it out to Carlos who became afraid, and he immediately lifted his arms in a way to demonstrate that he was no threat to them and that he was unarmed. At this point the witnesses could see a red beam of light that appeared to be emanating from a cylindrical shaped object on the field, there also appeared to smoke coming from the tip of the object.

Terrified the four witnesses began leaving the area slowly concerned for their safety. The youths estimated that they had stood about 10 meters from the creatures. They arrived home afraid and nervous. Three days later the witnesses visited the site and found that the brush in the area had turned brown in color.

Source: Milton Dino Frank Junior, Presidente do Centro de Ufologia Brasileiro

HC addendum

A two-headed dolphin discovered on a beach in Turkey 2014 .

A stroller made an astonishing discovery while wandering on a beach in Turkey. Thus, near the city of Izmir (in the west of the country), he came face to face with a two-headed dolphin!

Tugrul Metin is a 39-year-old sports teacher. At the beginning of August 2014, he was walking on a beach when he saw, in the distance, a dolphin stranded on the sand.Intrigued, the man approached the animal, as he told the Turkish Times newspaper  :

"  I saw the dolphin in the sea and then, I saw it run aground on the beach.  "

It was only when he reached the height of the creature that he found that it had two heads! The teacher was rather shocked by this discovery. Quickly recovering his spirits, he warned the police who entrusted the corpse to a laboratory.

According to researchers who autopsied the dolphin, they found that he was about 12 months old and one meter long. In addition, on one of his two heads, the eyes had never been properly opened.

Professor Mehmet Gokoglu , who works in the Department of Marine Biology at Ak Deniz University, says this is an extremely exceptional discovery:

"  It's as rare as Siamese in humans.  "


A strange little creature met in Sweden in 1998

I keep saying that we never know even a quarter of the things that take place in non-English speaking countries. If anything proves that it is this report from Sweden and the possibilities...

In August 1998, in the middle of the afternoon, a man came face-to-face with a mysterious little creature as he was walking around Lake Stensjomala, in Blekinge province, south of Sweden.

Ingvar Andersson was picking wild mushrooms in a wooded area near a lake. He was following a path through a virgin forest full of emerald green moss, twisted trees and misshapen blocks of stone. When he arrived at a narrow dirt road lined with pines, he suddenly saw a strange humanoid cross the road on the right about 30 meters in front of him.

The little being stared at him. It was no more than one meter in height. He had a pointed head and his whole body (or his combination?) Was of a uniform gray. The witness and the creature looked at each other for about half a minute. In the meantime, Ingvar felt paralyzed and he felt that "  time had stopped  ". The being then walked on the left side of the path. He looked like a "  little man  " but he was absolutely not human.

Ingvar had never seen anything like it before. He said he was not a dwarf or a child. He seemed to live in nature for a very long time. Alas, he does not really remember the details of his face except that he was the same gray as the rest of the body.

When the little character took to the heel, Ingvar decided to catch him through the trees. He followed him a few moments before joining a small lake. He was watching all the time in all directions, but the little gray creature had literally disappeared.

After this event, Ingvar returned to this place several times, but he never saw the little being again.

However, in February 1999, when he was out for a walk and the sky was dark, he noticed a strange pale blue light that lit a part of a forest. Believing she was on fire, he ran to his car to call the fire department. Only, looking behind him, he saw that the light had taken a metallic or silvery color. He never knew what had happened that day ...


Two UFOs observed over Cap d'Ail, France 13th November 2017

This is taken from Paranormal Activity blogspot France

On November 13, 2017, at 9.30 pm, a resident of the commune of Cap-d'Ail (in the Alpes-Maritimes department, in the south of France) observed and filmed two UFOs moving in the night sky .


 I was at home watching TV. Our living room has a large window that has an impressive sea view. From the couch I can look out the window and see a wide landscape, without obstacles, just the sea and the sky.

Around 9:30 pm, I saw an unusual light in the sky. She looked like a huge star. So I got up and started to watch him. I knew there was an astronomical event involving Jupiter passing over Venus. But when I looked at the time at which this specific event was to occur, it did not correspond to what I was seeing.

So I decided to take my professional camera to take pictures in order to zoom in on the image and better understand what was happening, also because the star I saw at first, had changed shape. She had come closer and was coming down close to the point on the horizon, over the sea.

I started taking some pictures with my camera, sitting on my couch, zooming in on the pictures and was absolutely shocked at what I saw:

- In the first picture, there are two UFOs. the one I did not see with my eyes because I was too focused on the bright spot. He was in a sort of round boomerang shape and there was a multitude of multicolored lights around him. I used an exposure of 2 seconds and this object is perfectly net, it was static.

- The second UFO (the one I saw) is present in all my other pictures. It was a very bright light made up of a kind of green wing. I lost sight of him because he simply disappeared by becoming smaller and smaller. It appeared again two / three times with about 10 minutes apart.

I alerted my neighbor to go outside and see this strange thing. She saw it too. I'm not sure it was the same because it was the 4th appearance and it was almost an hour after the first appearance. I felt very dizzy, confused and empty. I knew I had evidence of what I was seeing and it was enough to make me feel calmer.

I felt as if I 'had observed something very special and of unique, but at the same time I was scared because I did not know what it was and whether it could hurt me.  "